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The Sobering Facts

Jobs: Online retailers create less than half as many jobs as local brick-and-mortar stores do. This means the more these companies grow and crowd out other businesses, the fewer jobs available.

Taxes: In most communities, online retailers have no facilities and therefore pay no property taxes.  If local businesses are squeezed out by these companies, households will have to shoulder a higher tax burden.

Local Economy:  While local retailers are engines of economic activity, spending their revenue at a wide variety of other businesses in the community, online retailers merely extract money, leaving little behind.

Community:  Online retailers are not involved in the communities where the majority of their customers live.  They don’t give to local charities, volunteer or help solve community issues.  They contribute nothing to the vitality of our hometown.

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This is trickle down economics in a whole new way.

This is trickle down economics in a whole new way.